Murderer Mom Uses Makeup to Cover Bruises on Battered 4-Year-Old Son: Cops

A Florida woman was arrested for murder on Monday, two days after her 4-year-old son reportedly died with injuries consistent with abuse.

Arayiah Hudson, 36, allegedly told first responders that her son choked on potato chips and water. Hudson’s son was pronounced dead, and a medical exam determined he died from blunt force to the head and torso, according to Bay News 9.

Tampa police said Hudson used tinted makeup to cover bruises around his eyes. Medical staff also found abrasions on the boy, in addition to internal bleeding.

According to WFLA, Hudson’s 9-year-old son told police that Hudson kicked his slain brother in the stomach and slammed his head into a wall. The boy reportedly also claimed his brother was nearly unconscious after the beating.

Hudson’s son allegedly then told police that Hudson often hit the slain boy on his mouth, buttocks, and scrotum with a shoe.

An autopsy stated that Hudson’s son had a swollen brain, impact marks on his head, a laceration on his liver, contusions on his intestines, and 150ml of blood in his stomach.

Hudson was charged with first-degree murder while engaged in child abuse. WFLA reported that Hudson’s two surviving children are with their fathers, who did not live in the home where the slaying ocurred.

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