Judge issues massive bond for accused July 4 cop killer with warrant for allegedly using grandma’s gun to shoot her in the face


De’Lawnte Hardy (left) pictured in jail during a court appearance on July 5, 2024 (WKYC/screengrab), (right) officer Jamieson Ritter (Cleveland Division of Police)

A 24-year-old Ohio man who allegedly shot his grandmother in the face with her own gun, leaving the victim “brain dead,” is accused of shooting and killing one of the Cleveland police officers who came to arrest him days later at a residence in the morning hours of July 4.

As a result, suspect De’Lawnte Hardy faces an aggravated murder charge in the death of 27-year-old officer Jamieson Ritter, reportedly one of up to 10 Cleveland police officers who tried around 1 a.m. to serve a felonious assault warrant.

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