Brianna Kupfer sustained so many serious injuries that her cause of death was exsanguination, or death by severe blood loss (via the Los Angeles Times). At the end of the report, Kupfer’s death was declared a homicide. The autopsy, per ABC7, noted 26 serious stab wounds and 20 additional marks across Kupfer’s body. ABC7 also reports that a 7-inch-long knife was found at the furniture store.

As of this writing, Smith’s bail is $2 million, and he has not entered a plea yet. Smith reportedly had a “mental episode” during his court proceedings, slowing his plea entry. Fox News Digital reports that Smith has not been charged with any crimes yet, since he is still receiving a mental health evaluation. But if he is fit to stand trial and found guilty of murder, he could spend decades or even his entire life in prison. 

Fox News reports that Kupfer grew up in the Pacific Palisades area, just north of Santa Monica. She had a sister and two brothers. On January 20, family and friends held a memorial service for Kupfer outside the furniture store (per another report by the Los Angeles Times). The Los Angeles County District Attorney’s office said they had reached out to the family to offer resources.

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