Rick de Yampert.

Rick de Yampert.
Rick de Yampert.

An ancient Hebrew text relates the story of how Raven (who could talk) accused Noah (he of Ark fame) of trying to hook up with Raven’s wife!

That’s just one of the legends Rick de Yampert explores in his new book “Crows and Ravens: Mystery, Myth, and Magic of Sacred Corvids.” de Yampert will talk about that feisty raven and other crazy corvids when he presents his workshop “Crows and Ravens: Birds of Myth and Magic” from 2-3:30 p.m. Saturday June 22 at Vedic Moons – Ayurvedic Wellness, Metaphysical Shop & Herbal Apothecary, 4984 Palm Coast Pkwy NW, Unit 4-6, Palm Coast.

Cost of the workshop (which does not include a book) is $20. The workshop will include a PowerPoint slide show featuring de Yampert’s crow photography and Mr. Crow art, and the handout “Five Ways to Forge Communion with Crows – both Practical and Magical.” The workshop also will feature de Yampert’s Mr. Crow art for sale, as well as his other book “Mr. Crow Haiku and Other Zen-y Writings.”

A book signing (separate from the workshop and with free attendance) will be held 1-2 p.m. Saturday June 22, prior to the workshop.

For information, call Vedic Moons at 386-585-5167 or go online at vedicmoons.com.

For the workshop, de Yampert will talk about the science of corvids (the bird family that includes crows and ravens) and how they remember human faces and hold “crow funerals.”

He’ll relate myths from the ancient Celts, Vikings and Native Americans, revealing how they came to see these birds as sacred, supernatural creatures. And he will relate strange modern-day encounters with these birds and their uncanny behaviors, including the time he spied an upside-down crow in the backyard of his Palm Coast home.

The workshop will conclude with ways to build communion – both practical and magical – with these intelligent beings, and participants will be invited to share their corvid stories.

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