Court sides with school that sent 7th grader home over ‘There Are Only Two Genders’ T-shirt

Left: Liam Morrison is pictured (screengrab via Alliance Defending Freedom); Right: a shirt like the one Morrison wore to school is shown. (Screengrab via CBS news).

A federal appeals court sided with a middle school that repeatedly sent a student home for wearing a shirt that was demeaning to students of some gender identities.

Liam Morrison, a 12-year-old student in Middleborough, Massachusetts, wore a T-shirt reading “There Are Only Two Genders” to seventh grade after his school held a Pride day and hung Pride flags in classrooms. School officials sent Morrison home on the grounds that his shirt targeted nonbinary students.

The following week, two people stood near the school’s bus drop-off area holding signs that read, “there are only two genders” and “keep woke politics out our schools.” Counterprotesters responded the next day with their own signs that read, “trans people belong,” “everyone is welcome here,” and “we support trans rights.”

The incidents drew the attention of local news media and the school reported receiving complaints from many parents about Morrison’s shirt and the controversy surrounding it.

Days later, Morrison returned to school wearing the same shirt, this time with the word “CENSORED” taped over the words “Only Two.” Morrison was again sent home from school.

Morrison, represented by conservative advocacy group Alliance Defending Freedom, sued and argued that school administrators at Nichols Middle School violated his First Amendment rights by refusing to allow him to wear the T-shirt.

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