Nathan Millard: Driver Flees & Crashes as Police Investigate Death of Man Found Wrapped in Carpet

Coroner: Nathan Millard Died From Mix of Fentanyl, Cocaine & Alcohol

On Tuesday, Louisiana officials confirmed that a Georgia man who was found wrapped in plastic and carpet earlier this month died of a drug overdose.

According to WBRZ, the East Baton Rouge Coroner’s Office’s toxicology report stated that a combination of fentanyl, cocaine, and ethanol killed Nathan Millard, 43, and his death was accidental. Since the discovery of his body on March 6, police have arrested Derrick Perkins, 45, his accused drug dealer, and Tiffany Ann Guidry, an alleged prostitute. A third suspect, Tabbetha Barner, remains unaccounted for.

Perkins, 45, is believed to have dumped Millard’s body near the Scenic Highway. Millard, who was on a business trip, was reportedly last seen on February 23 at a Greyhound Bus station, where he allegedly refused help from a security guard and told him he was seeking “something to make him feel better” and “a girl to take back to his room.”

An unidentified person reportedly introduced Millard to a prostitute and a man who connected him with Perkins. Two witnesses told police that Millard and Perkins left them at a Circle K convenience store and drove away.

Police corroborated their story by reviewing surveillance footage which last showed Millard alive.

According to WBRZ, Perkins had told police that he initially picked up Millard and two people and that the trio was looking for drugs. They allegedly drove around in Perkins’ car for hours while smoking crack cocaine.

Perkins reportedly said they stopped at Circle K, where Millard got money from an ATM then told Perkins he wanted to leave because he thought the two other people were plotting to rob him. Perkins said Millard then stated that he wanted a “white girl” and “to go somewhere safe,” WBRZ reported.

Perkins allegedly first picked up Guidry, but Millard reportedly said he wanted more “white girls,” so Perkins also picked up Barner. Perkins said they were at a home in Baton Rouge but he had stepped out because Millard and the two women were using drugs intravenously, which made him uncomfortable.

“They were all up in there doing that s**t. I don’t f**k with that s**t, ” Perkins reportedly told police.

According to WBRZ, Perkins recalled the three asking him to pick up some items from a nearby store. Millard did not give Perkins his PIN but told him to run the purchase as credit. Perkins claimed he returned and smoked crack on the porch as Millard and the two women had sex.

Later on, Barner allegedly asked Perkins to get more drugs. When Perkins returned, Barner reportedly came running out of the home saying Millard was dead.

Barner reportedly left but came back with a bottle supposedly containing Narcan, a drug intended to treat overdoses. When Millard was not revived by the Narcan or CPR, Barner and Guidry told Perkins to discard the body. Barner then left.

The news station also reported that Guidry helped Perkins wrap Millard’s body in plastic and the rug he was lying on. They allegedly then loaded his car into Perkins’ car and left it in the trunk of his car for up to four days. Perkins reportedly dumped his body at an abandoned lot when the odor became too strong.

Baton Rouge police said Perkins’ car was later found burned — but their K9 still detected human decomposition. Perkins blamed his car being burned on whoever he sold the vehicle to. Police reportedly searched the home where Millard died and discovered plastic sheeting similar to the kind used to wrap his body.

Meanwhile, Guidry denied ever meeting Millard and said that she was home when Perkins came around seeking Narcan. Guidry claimed she did go to the home where Millard overdosed but she had left before because there were no drugs for her.

Guidry allegedly also stated that she tried to get help for Millard but Barner was sitting in the front seat of Perkins’ car and the backseats were too cluttered to sit in.

Perkins was charged with unlawfully disposing of remains, obstruction of justice, simple criminal damage to property, and failure to seek assistance. Guidry, who was arrested on Friday, was charged with prostitution, failure to seek assistance, and unlawfully disposing of remains.

Barnes is wanted on charges of prostitution and failure to seek assistance.

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[Featured image: Nathan Millard/Baton Rouge Police Department]