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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

‘Married at First Sight’: Alexis Gives Justin an Ultimatum After Disturbing Dog Attack

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  • Justin and Alexis’s attempt to introduce their dogs to each other went horribly wrong on Married at First Sight. 
  • Justin’s dog attacked his wife’s pooch, requiring him to get stitches. 
  • Alexis feels Justin didn’t tell the truth about his dog’s behavior, and now she’s demanding he choose between his dog and her. 
Alexis and Justin sitting on a couch with her dog Newton in 'Married at First Sight' Season 15
Alexis and Justin in ‘Married at First Sight’ Season 15 | Lifetime via YouTube

A disturbing incident involving Alexis and Justin’s dogs has put the Married at First Sight couple’s marriage at risk. The pair found themselves at odds after Justin’s dog attacked Alexis’s pup during a poorly executed introduction. Now, Alexis isn’t sure if she can trust her husband. And she’s laid down some strict conditions for what she expects going forward, telling Justin that if he can’t get his dog’s behavior under control, he’ll have to choose between her and his pet. 

A shocking attack sends Alexis’s dog to the vet on ‘Married at First Sight’ 

Both Alexis and Justin are proud pet parents. But their attempt to introduce their dogs to each other on the August 17 episode of Married at First Sight was a disaster. Neither person seemed prepared for how to handle the situation. 

“How are you supposed to introduce dogs?” Alexis asked as they brought the two dogs, plus Alexis’s cat, into their cramped shared apartment. “Newton is going to be shook,” she added, referring to her dog. “Like, what is happening? It’s a whole zoo.”

Things quickly took a dark turn when Justin’s dog Mya attacked Newton. Justin tried to downplay the incident, telling his wife “nothing happened.” But Newton’s injuries were severe enough to require an emergency trip to the vet, where he got multiple stitches. 

Alexis is upset that Justin didn’t disclose Mya’s aggressive past behavior

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Later, Alexis and Justin sat down with Pastor Cal Roberson to unpack the upsetting incident. Alexis said she was upset not only because Newton had been hurt, but also because Justin had not been fully transparent about his dog’s aggressive behavior. 

“I think we just have a miscommunication about what the truth is,” Alexis told the Married at First Sight expert. She said that Justin had told her to trust him and that her smaller dog would be OK with his larger one. 

“He never told me that Mya had been in several fights with other dogs prior to this,” she added. “Because that would have been a red flag for me.”

Justin insisted that those prior incidents had involved situations where the other dog was the aggressor. But Alexis was skeptical. She said she feels that Justin had a bad habit of not telling the entire truth. 

“He thinks telling some of the information is the same as telling the truth,” she said. 

Alexis says she won’t stay with Justin if she doesn’t feel safe 

A tearful Justin apologized to Alexis for Mya’s behavior. He also agree to send her to training camp where she would hopefully learn to deal with her aggression.

“I need you to give me another chance with Mya,” he said. 

But Alexis was clear that if Mya continued to display aggressive tendencies, she was out. 

“I just need you to keep your word,” she replied. “Because you said if it doesn’t work out, you’re sending her. I know that’s your baby, but you said it to me.”

Justin admitted he’d made that promise to his wife. But he said giving up his dog – who he’s had since she was five weeks old – wouldn’t be an easy decision. 

“I thought the decision was already made,” she said. 

“If Mya continues to be aggressive, I’m not going to stay anywhere that I don’t feel safe,” she said in a confessional. “So, I will not be with Justin.”

New episodes of Married at First Sight air Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Lifetime.

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