Keith Lee and Taraji P Henson beef timeline explained

TARAJI P. Henson returned to the BET Awards to host the ceremony for the third time.

The Emmy nominee went viral when a skit involving Keith Lee became one of the night’s most talked about blunders.

Keith Lee pictured at the 2024 BET Awards blue carpet

Keith Lee pictured at the 2024 BET Awards blue carpetCredit: Getty

What happened between Keith Lee and Taraji P Henson?

While hosting the 2024 BET Awards, Taraji P. Henson began a sketch that involved her celebrating her peers in the audience.

During the bit, The Color Purple actress “gave people their flowers.”

As she started handing flowers to other celebrities, Taraji mistook Jordan Howlett for Keith Lee.

However, she didn’t realize until she was halfway through the skit.

Halfway through her banter with Jordan, the latter pointed to Keith.

When Taraji realized her mistake, she asked Jordan to give Keith the flowers that were accidentally given to him.

Viewers also noticed Taraji flirting with Keith in front of his wife, Ronnie.

As she played the moment off, the cameras captured Keith tossing the flowers on the floor.

Before closing the show, Taraji apologized to both Keith and Jordan.

“Listen, I can hold myself accountable for my mistakes,” she told the crowd.

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“So Keith Lee, forgive me. Jordan Howlett, forgive me.

“I love you both, I wanted to rightfully give you your flowers before we say good night.”

Taraji P. Henson pictured on stage while hosting the 2024 BET Awards

Taraji P. Henson pictured on stage while hosting the 2024 BET AwardsCredit: Getty

What did Keith say about the incident?

On July 2, 2024, Keith broke his silence about the incident via TikTok.

“The reason I did this [dropped the rose] had nothing to do with Taraji P. Henson,” he told his followers.

“The reason I did this is that I wholeheartedly believe it wasn’t my rose, it wasn’t my moment. It was given to me, but it wasn’t mine.

“I am forever thankful for every room that I’m in. I was more than thankful and more than grateful to just sit there and enjoy the show.

“I’m personally a fan of Taraji, I’ve been for years, and I always will be.

“I love to see her get the recognition that she deserves.

“It is what it is. I just wish they would have set both of us up for success in that situation.”

How did Taraji respond to Keith?

“Life really is too short for this behavior,” Taraji said via Instagram.

“He wasn’t in his seat [shrug emoji]. They give celebrities assigned seats!

“I rehearsed all damn day to go hit my mark and that young man wasn’t in his seat so HE MISSED HIS MOMENT!

“His ego is hurt. He will be fine. I cleaned it up at the end of the show [shrug emoji]. No love lost here. #GODBLESS.”

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