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Friday, January 27, 2023

“I’m Putting My Money on…” – Fans Give Their Opinion on the KSI vs Dillon Danis PPV Bout

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The sparring partner to Conor McGregor, Dillon Danis, and KSI had been going back and forth on social media, provoking each other and wishing for a fight. Finally, after a long run of call-outs, the two are pitted against each other in a pay-per-view bout. 


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Although the fight is scheduled for January 2023, netizens have started disclosing their views. Surprisingly, fans decided to support the YouTuber instead of the MMA fighter. 


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Fans react to KSI vs. Dillon Danis matchup

DAZN announced that KSI and Dillon Danis are set to step against each other inside a boxing pay-per-view bout on January 14, 2023, in London. The two were spotted at the YouTubers Misfits Series 3 weigh-ins. MMA Junkie posted the news on their Instagram. However, fans were not happy with the match-up. 


Fans React as Conor McGregor’s Teammate ‘Gets Absolutely Rocked’ in a Wild Brawl
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1 day ago

Here’s what fans had to say:

  • Dillon finally agreed to a fight after that devastating injury he suffered 4 years ago.
  • Why am I rooting for the YouTuber
  • What a fight!! OMG 😲 the double champ KSI vs the Bellator star D*ldo Danis
  • Never thought I’d say this….but I want the YouTuber to win.
  • The only time I want KSI to win!
  • KSI please do the fans a favour and knock him out
  • No way Danis actually shows up on fight night
  • Dillion Dani’s can’t box for sh*t I’m putting my money on ksi
  • I think this is a joke, but I will say that this is the only time in the world that I truly hope ksi beats Dannises a*s gets beat
  • Dillion going to pull out
  • Dillon danny about to be canceled after he gets bodiced
  • Dillon is so nonexistent in combat sports that im actually excited to see him fight just out of curiousity

Conor McGregor’s teammate got in a brawl at YouTubers Misfit Series 3 weigh-ins

Recently, during the events of YouTubers Misfits, promoted by KSI, Danis showed up and approached KSI. Although the conversation began with a hospitable tone, things went awry when Conor McGregor‘s sparring partner softly punched KSI with his left. He said, “Do it right now”, before all hell broke loose.


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Immediately, the two were separated and Danis walked out. Surprisingly, the former Bellator fighter, Anthony Taylor, lay in wait for Danis. Taylor seemingly swung a right hand at Danis as an act of avenging KSI. Although the heat died down pretty quickly, the news blasted through the internet. 


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It has been over three years since Danis has set foot in the arena. Without a doubt, fans are skeptical of the fight and showed their support for the YouTuber. What are your thoughts on the pay-per0view bout? Let us know in the comments down below. 

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