Tracey Edmonds Once Felt Her Ex Diddy Was Funnier Than Former Husband Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy has been involved in a lot of relationships, including with business woman Tracey Edmonds. After the two broke up, Edmonds would later move on with controversial mogul Diddy. After being with both, Edmonds made an interesting comparison between the two.

Tracey Edmonds allegedly dated Diddy not too long after her divorce from Eddie Murphy

Eddie Murphy posing in a suit next to Tracey Edwards at the premiere of 'Dreamgirls'.
Tracey Edmonds and Eddie Murphy | Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Murphy and Edmonds might be more known for their intense and sudden break-up rather than their relationship. The two had been linked together since 2006, then married two years later in 2008. But their marriage spelled a quick end for the couple, who would divorce just after 14 days after exchanging their vows.

It wasn’t long before Murphy moved on, however. After Edmonds, Murphy started dating Paige Butcher in 2012. The two have been together ever since, with Murphy and Butcher eventually becoming engaged in 2018.

Edmonds reportedly also moved on fairly quickly as well with another celebrity. After Edmonds’ divorce from Murphy, she was linked to Bad Boys CEO Diddy. The Daily Mirror once claimed that Edmonds held Diddy in even higher regard than Murphy. Even when it came to humor.

“Diddy is the funniest man I’ve ever met. I’m so lucky to find someone so soon after Eddie,” Edmonds once allegedly said. “It’s early days – we’ve only been on three or four dates – but he’s whisked me off my feet. I don’t know about wedding bells but he’s definitely the man for me.”

But it’s worth noting that Diddy denied the claims at the time.

 “There’s nothing between me and Tracey – and Eddie and I are old friends,” Diddy once said according to Irish Examiner.

Edmonds would later be officially linked to former football player Deion Sanders, who she started dating in 2012. The two engaged in 2019, but Edmonds called off their engagement in 2023.

Why Tracey Edmonds’ marriage with Eddie Murphy ended so quickly

There have been plenty of rumors floating around Edmonds’ and Murphy’s sudden divorce. Several sources stepped forward after their separation to add some context to the situation. One insider claimed that a quick change in Murphy’s behavior played a factor.

“That was kind of the last straw,” the source once said according to HuffPost. “She was happy to sign a prenup – she has her own money. She was very accommodating. But then it was like Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. Eddie became very controlling and they got into a huge fight. He started screaming at her and grabbed her. She was scared. She was even willing to change her name to Tracey Murphy, and all the wedding invites and place cards had her labeled as such.”

According to People, their divorce was foreshadowed even as early as the wedding. Other sources claimed that the two were involved in an intense argument in the middle of their ceremony, which brought Edmonds to tears. What added even more layers to their divorce was the speculation that Murphy’s mother, Lillian, wasn’t a fan of Edmonds.

“[Lillian] basically said, ‘It’s me or her,’ to Eddie,” another insider claimed.

Both Murphy and Edmonds have been very private about the true reason behind their divorce. They simply released the kind of statement public figures typically used when announcing a break-up.

 “After much consideration and discussion, we have jointly decided that we will forgo having a legal ceremony as it is not necessary to define our relationship further. While the recent symbolic union in Bora Bora was representative of our deep love, friendship and respect that we have for one another on a spiritual level, we have decided to remain friends,” they said.

Tracey Edmonds’ ex-husband knew that marrying Eddie Murphy was a bad idea

Before dating Murphy, Edmonds was dating and married to Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds. Babyface was a singer who was married to Edmonds from 1992 to 2005. After the divorce, Babyface had a feeling that Edmonds’ new relationship with the Beverly Hills star wouldn’t last. But he chose not to voice his concerns.

“I didn’t think it was the best thing…I didn’t know Eddie…so, I said to Tracey, ‘It’s your decision..’ It wasn’t for me to step-in…but things happened the way they were supposed to happen,” Babyface once told Oprah (via Jasmine Brand).

Given what happened between Murphy and Edmonds, it seemed Babyface might’ve known his ex-wife quite well.

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