This ‘Love Is Blind’ Contestant Would Consider Seeking Love on ‘The Bachelor’

Love Is Blind has brought together quite a few couples who might’ve never meant if it wasn’t for the show. Other contestants haven’t been so lucky. One season 6 contestant from the hit show, who couldn’t find what he was looking for, might turn to another reality show for true romance.

This ‘Love Is Blind’ star might end up on another reality TV show

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Not every contestant on Love Is Blind found their happily ever after. This included the couple Clay Gravesande and AD, who audiences followed from the love pods all the way to the altar. When the couple arrived at their destination, however, Clay backed out of the marriage at the last minute, still feeling unready for a lifetime commitment.

Speaking with Audacy, the former contestant took full ownership and accountability for his decision. But he also provided some keen insight into his casting on the show, and how that might’ve informed his decision-making.

 “You know, the premise, but [the producers] didn’t come at me like, ‘This is Love is Blind, it was disguised as another type of experiment. I thought it was an opportunity for me to love differently [and that] marriage was the option for you to go to the altar and say, ‘Yes,’ or ‘No.’ That’s how the producers talked to me about it,” he said. “But I see the fans got a different perspective of how the show went. I [hadn’t] watched the show. I [was] listening to the creators. They reached out to me on Instagram [about] this show called, ‘The Charlotte Single Project,’ and they were recruiting people in the Charlotte area. [They explained that they had] this experiment where you’ll try to build a connection [with people] without seeing them and ultimately go to the altar to make a decision. That’s how [the show] was always laid out to me.”

Clay was then asked if he might’ve considered going on to the reality show The Bachelor to find his soulmate. The Bachelor might actually fit his preference more than Love Is Blind did. He wouldn’t have to potentially compete with others for the affection of one woman. 

And he’d also be able to see how his potential partners will look like from the show’s beginning. Clay made it a point to tell AD in the pods how important physical attraction was to a relationship, which nearly ended the couple early. But it’s a preference he still maintains, which is why he’d entertain going on The Bachelor.

“Maybe if I could see some of the selection process. It would be good TV if they didn’t give me the selection process…I’d have to talk to the producers to see what they’re doing,” Clay said. “Is this a parody or do you all really want me to find love?”

Clay couldn’t help compare AD to his past girlfriends

Another reason why Clay couldn’t fully commit to AD was because he couldn’t stop looking at the past. As much as he might’ve fallen for AD, Clay could never be completely sure she met the same standards as other women he’s dated.

“The biggest thing [pushing me to my decision] was looking myself in the mirror and being like, ‘Clay you, not that guy.’ Another thing that I [did] was compare a lot with AD. [Comparing] is one of the toxic traits I have. This [show] is a six-week process, and [I’ve] dated women for two years. [I was asking myself], ‘Is AD better than this girl I broke up with?’ You go through [a] trial and error type of thought process,” he said.

How Clay and AD have been after the ‘Love Is Blind’ reunion episode

Clay and AD reunited for Love Is Blind audiences during the traditional Netflix reunion episode. The former couple still seemed to harbor feelings for each other, but it seemed there was a small chance of them ever getting back together. And according to Clay, the pair have maintained a distant but supportive friendship after the show’s end.

“We’re cool, we’re cool,” he said. “We haven’t talked like that since the reunion episode, just because when your relationship is on a public spectrum, everybody’s got opinion. So I think that sometimes that can tear up the relationship. But I think when me and AD get in front of each other in person, it’s gonna be all good. We’ll be cool, because when we see each other, it’s always magnetic.”

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