Sonja Morgan officially moves out of ‘cherished’ NYC townhouse: ‘A cornerstone of me and family’s life’

Sonja Morgan is moving out and moving on.

The “Real Housewives of New York City” alum has officially moved out of her beloved New York City townhouse after selling it during an auction in May.

Morgan, 60, took fans with her for the big move on Friday through a series of Instagram posts, one of which showed clips of movers packing up her house.

“Reflecting on the wonderful memories created in our cherished townhouse—from raising my daughter to hosting unforgettable dinner parties and of course filming iconic ‘Real Housewives’ scenes,” she began in the caption of one Instagram Reel she posted.

“This stately brownstone has been a cornerstone of me and family’s life, a beautiful sanctuary filled with laughter and love. 💕”

“Now, as I prepare to embrace a new chapter, I feel lighter and ready to return to my roots as an artist, with more time to be the creative individual I am,” she continued.

“I am excited to pass on this magnificent home to its next owner, who will undoubtedly create their own wonderful memories here. 🏡✨.”

The Reel included a snippet of the reality star sentimentally brushing her teeth one last time in the 4,650-square-foot residence.

She also posted a photo of the outside of her former home with a bright pink Piece of Cake Moving and Storage truck parked in front.

“Movin’ on out! 🥳,” she captioned the snapshot, seemingly in a cheerful mood.

Finally, Morgan shared a comical Reel that showed her asking the movers if they could pack up her koi fish, which she explained were hers for “more than 29 years” and were purchased at a private island in Connecticut.

In the background of the video, someone pointed out that one of the fish was dead. Morgan promptly scooped it up with a net and noted she would have to give the fish a proper burial when she had more time.

“I’m not leaving without my fish! 🐠,” she captioned the video. “End of a different kind of era… 🪦.”

Sonja has been vocal about the sale of her home, which she purchased in 1998 with her then-husband, J.P. Morgan’s heir John Morgan, for $9.1 million.

“This cherished home has been the heart of memories for our family for decades. Now, as we move forward, it is time for someone else to build their own memories here, just as we did,” she told Page Six in an exclusive statement on May 30.

“I know now was the time for this beautiful townhouse on the Upper East Side to embark on its next chapter.”

Sonja also described the move as a “weight lifted off [her] shoulders” that would allow her to pursue other things.

“It facilitates my creativity towards my other important endeavors as well. Wherever I go I go,” she noted.

The mother of one originally placed the 5-bedroom, 5.5-bathroom home on the market in 2013 for $9.95 million following her and John’s heated divorce.

After it sat with no buyers, she dropped the price to $7.2 million and then attempted to rent it out for $35,000 a month in 2018.

She finally sold the spacious abode for $4.45 million.

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