‘Sister Wives’: The Shambles of Robyn Brown’s Purity Speech and Why It May Have Been Intended to Seduce Kody Brown

One of the cringiest moments in Sister Wives history occurred during Season 6 of the TLC series. Robyn Brown delivered a shambles of a purity speech during a home church session in front of the Brown family. But instead of teaching a religious lesson, was it intended to seduce Kody Brown?

Robyn Brown’s purity speech was delivered with a specific intent

After marrying Kody Brown, Robyn began to lay the groundwork for a different type of relationship than he had with his other wives. She wanted a deeper connection with Kody and, perhaps, used this speech to seduce him and inflate his ego further by sharing her heartbreak over not saving her purity for him.

Sister Wives Season 6 featured one of the most uncomfortable moments in history. Robyn Brown stood in front of her family and spoke of how her ex-husband David Jessop, “stole” her purity. This statement appeared to negate her first marriage in front of her three children with Jessop; Dayton, Breanna, and Aurora.

Robyn lamented not saving herself for Kody. And so, in a moment that is seared in viewers minds forever, she lovingly looked at him and said he was “the right man” and wanted to share “the most ultimate gift” with him.

“She knew how valuable [purity] was. And so when she found the right man, she was able to hand him her purity and say, ‘This is yours. And this is the most ultimate gift, and it is yours.’” She then handed a locket symbolizing her purity to Kody.

Kody commended Robyn for bravely sharing her story. But it was disturbing to watch Robyn erase her past to lure Kody closer to her, stroking his ego further.

For a man who was the “priest” of his family, the ego boost Robyn gave him made him putty in her hands. Likely, her place as his favorite wife was cemented in that very moment.

Why Robyn Brown’s purity speech was a shambles from beginning to end

Robyn Brown gives her purity speech during 'Sister Wives' Season 6
Robyn Brown gives her purity speech during ‘Sister Wives’ Season 6 | TLC

The biggest takeaway from Robyn Brown’s purity speech during Sister Wives Season 6 was what a shambles it was. Although purity culture is dominant in some religious circles, completely erasing your past relationship and harming the children that came from it is dangerous to their wellbeing.

Robyn shared that when she moved to Montana at 19, she lost the foundation of her faith. She explained she became “rebellious,” stopped attending church, and started David Jessop.

Her scandalous speech began with, “When you have your purity, and you give it to your husband, you have a lot of happiness and a lot of blessings. You have this purity, and this purity has to do with your body.”

“And this purity has to do with your mind and your heart. And it is very, very, very precious. It is prized about all jewels.”

“There was only one thing that he wanted,” Robyn said. “So I got pregnant,” she said about her pregnancy with her first child, Dayton Brown. She called the pregnancy the “biggest mistake of her life” while her son watched with sadness.

Therefore, Robyn rewrote history to further integrate herself into Kody’s life. Her message made Kody feel superior to the man who was the biological father of Robyn’s three children, whom he later adopted.

Robyn handing Kody her ‘purity’ played right into his alleged narcissistic behavior

Robyn’s cringe-worthy speech ended by stating she “spent her whole life” trying to get her purity back. She spoke in the third person, saying, “She spent her whole life trying to get it [purity] back, but you only have one. And it broke her heart. And she spent her whole life being sad about it.”

In the worst part of the entire speech, Robyn revealed her regret for not saving her “purity” for Kody. “When she finally found the guy she was supposed to be with, she had to go to him and say, ‘Look, I gave away my purity to someone else.’”

She concluded, “He kind of stole it from me. And this was supposed to be yours. But I gave it to someone else, and I’m so sorry.” And it broke her heart,” Robyn cried.

This scene remains one of the most difficult to watch in the entire history of the TLC series. Robyn showed Kody he came first ahead of everyone, even her children, by demonstrating her devotion to him in front of their entire family.

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. The series airs on TLC.

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