‘Sister Wives’: ‘Sobyn’ Robyn Brown’s Tears Are Her Superpower

Historically, Sister Wives star Robyn Brown has used tears to manipulate the people around her. She also cries to prove that a particular situation is upsetting her. However, when she wants to make a point, she cries without tears, and that’s when Kody stands up to take notice. It’s Robyn’s superpower.

Robyn Brown’s fake tears manipulate Kody Brown, and it works each time

Phony crying is a Robyn Brown specialty on the TLC series Sister Wives. It’s baffling how “Sobyn” Robyn comes out of nowhere when the reality star is trying to make a point, notably, that she’s been victimized by others in the Brown family.

“Sobyn” Robyn appears. She dabs at her eyes, and no tears are produced.

One can imagine how this action manipulates Kody. Tears are Robyn’s superpower, and she uses them to get what she wants.

There’s a lot of eye-squinting, eye-rubbing, and cracking voices. But most times, no actual tears fall from her eyes.

Therefore, when Robyn should cry for real, she doesn’t because the situation may not be advantageous. However, when a problem could work in her favor, the tears flow because they can be used as a weapon.

Just how fake are Robyn Brown’s tears?

A Reddit post about Robyn’s fake tears explores how often Robyn Brown’s ick factor increased as she cried throughout 18 seasons of Sister Wives. However, instead of counting the number of times (plenty) per season, the discussion turned into what fans believe are techniques Robyn uses to try and create fake emotions.

One instance captured by TLC’s cameras was when Robyn tried to make Meri, Janelle, and Christine feel bad about her marrying into their family. The moment occurred when the women, and Kody, were trying to figure out their crumbling family dynamic.

Robyn gasped, held her mouth and tried to push tears out. However, this time, the well was dry.

These moments infuriate Sister Wives viewers. They shared their thoughts on Reddit.

“I am on the season where they moved to Flagstaff. My nine year old daughter walked in and asked why I was swearing under my breath while watching Robyn ‘cry,’” one Redditor wrote. “I said she cries a lot on the show.”

The poster continued, “She replied, ‘But she’s not crying. She keeps looking up at the lights to try to tear up. When I stare at lights, it makes me tear up.’ I’ve been watching this damn show and never noticed Robyn looks up to try to cry (maybe because I try not to watch her!), but my daughter gets it after a few minutes!”

A second viewer penned, “It’s just so fake. Sometimes, I wonder if she truly believes she is having emotions or if she’s too numb inside to experience actual feelings.”

“I’ve seen actual tears only three times in the early seasons. I wish I would have taken notes!” wrote a third.

Robyn Brown’s lack of tears was called out by Christine Brown’s daughter Gwendlyn

Robyn Brown and Gwendlyn Brown of TLC's 'Sister Wives'
Robyn Brown and Gwendlyn Brown of TLC’s ‘Sister Wives’ | TLC/YouTube

In 2023, Christine’s daughter, Gwendlyn Brown, called out Robyn for fake crying on her Patreon account. She reacted to a reunion episode that aired at the close of Season 17.

In the installment, Robyn cried about how Christine’s divorce ruined the family dynamic. She believed Meri, Janelle, and Christine had “stolen” the sister wives experience promised to her when she married Kody.

Gwen said of Robyn’s on-camera crying, “What is it zooming in on? Was it just me, or were there like no tears. That must suck. Crying, and no tears.” 

Gwen later admitted she felt terrible about focusing on that aspect of Robyn’s confessional and not her words. “That’s all I’m thinking about. That’s very low of me.”

Sister Wives is currently on hiatus. The series is set to return in late Summer 2024.

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