Princess Diana’s Childhood Home, Final Resting Place Slips From Prince William and Prince Harry’s Hands Even Though They Are Spencer’s by Blood

Princess Diana‘s childhood home is Althorp House. The vast estate is where she grew up and spent many happy years, and it is her final resting place. However, thanks to a centuries-old rule, the home won’t be passed down to her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry.

Who will inherit Princess Diana’s childhood home?

The Telegraph reports Princess Diana’s childhood home will not be inherited by her sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. Although they are half Spencer by blood, that doesn’t mean they will gain control of Althorp House.

Instead, Althorp House will go to Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, Diana’s nephew. Charles Spencer’s only son will inherit Althorp House due to a centuries-old system of male primogeniture that makes him, not his three older sisters, heir to the estate and earldom.

Therefore, Prince William and Prince Harry will not inherit the estate where their mother has been laid to rest. Their cousin will take control upon the death of the 9th Earl Spencer, Charles.

Kitty Spencer, Louis’s older sister, opened up about the home and her brother’s inheritance. She told Town & Country she and her siblings Amelia and Eliza, grew up knowing Louis would inherit the property.

“Primogeniture can be a tricky topic, because as times are changing, attitudes are as well. We’ve grown up understanding that it’s Louis to inherit, and Louis will do an incredible job,” she said.

Who are the other descendants of the Spencer family?

Lady Eliza Spencer, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, Victoria Lockwood and Lady Kitty Spencer.
Lady Eliza Spencer, Louis Spencer, Viscount Althorp, Victoria Lockwood and Lady Kitty Spencer | Max Mumby/Indigo/Getty Images

Princess Diana’s brother, Charles Spencer, is the father of four children from his marriage to former model Victoria Lockwood.

Their children are Lady Kitty Spencer, Louis Spencer, Lady Eliza Spencer, and Lady Amelia Spencer. The couple was married from 1989 to 1997.

Siblings Charles and Diana were not the only residents of Althorp House. They have two older sisters, Lady Sarah McCorquodale and Lady Jane Fellowes.

Sarah has three children. They are Celia Rose McCorquodale, George Edmund McCorquodale, and Emily Jane McCorquodale.

As for Jane, she is also a mother of three. Her children are Laura, Alexander, and Eleanor.

How big is Althorp House?

Althorp House is 13,500 acres and has been in the Spencer family for 19 generations. The home boasts 90 rooms and grounds containing 28 structures.

However, most visitors to the story’s home are most interested in the ornamental lake, in the middle of which lies an island where Princess Diana’s remains are buried. The former Princess of Wales was laid to rest there due to concerns about the safety of her remains, says her brother Charles Spencer. Her other family members are buried at Great Brington at St. Mary the Virgin Church.

There was once a walkway from the land to the island. However, after Diana’s remains were laid to rest, that walkway was deconstructed to prevent anyone from accessing her gravesite.

Princess Diana’s burial site is not open to the public. However, visitors can pay tribute to a memorial built on Althorp’s grounds.

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