Meagan Good Wanted to Become an Actor After Seeing ‘Halloween 5’

Actor Meagan Good was known for starring in lighthearted projects like Cousin Skeeter at the start of her career. She has since branched out to include a variety of movies in her resume. But she might be understated as a horror movie star as well, having starred in her fair share of slashers and paranormal films. This made sense, however, as it was the Halloween franchise that inspired Good to be an actor in the first place.

How ‘Halloween’ star Danielle Harris made Meagan Good want to become an actor

An actor posing as Michael Myers from the Halloween films the premiere of Universal Pictures' "Halloween".
Michael Myers | Kevin Winter/Getty Images

As is the case with many actors, Good knew that she wanted to be involved in the film industry as a child. But she told Cigar & Spirits that it was all a matter of how badly she wanted to pursue a career in film.

“I knew very young that I wanted to be an actress. I just didn’t know how seriously I wanted to take it. It was a hobby. Other kids went to ballet practice or soccer, and my sister and I went to auditions. I started when I was about four, doing extra work on Doogie Howser and Amen. I think I was around 12 when I realized, ‘I genuinely love this. I want to do this. I want to be a serious actress.’ That next year, I booked my first speaking role in a movie–Friday. Then the following year, I booked my first leading role,” she said.

That leading role was perhaps one of her most well-known features Eve’s Bayou, where she co-starred alongside Samuel L. Jackson.

Goode also starred in her fair share of horror movies as well. The Unborn, Saw V, and Venom all saw her at the center of her own sinister stories. But this made sense, as she was a huge fan of the Halloween movies and its star Danielle Harris.

Harris was the face of the Halloween franchise for a while after Jamie Lee Curtis’ era. She portrayed Michael Myers’ niece and new target in Halloween 4 and 5. Given her age at the time, Good felt an immediate connection with Harris after watching the horror flicks.

“My all time favorite scary movie was Halloween 5, and it had a little girl who just a year older than me [Danielle Harris]. She’s the reason I wanted to become an actress,” Good once told 5 On Your Side. 

Meagan Good once had a paranormal experience straight from a horror movie

The Halloween films weren’t Good’s only go-to horror flicks. She was also into movies even more supernatural than Michael Myers.

The Exorcism of Emily Rose is one of my favorite scariest films. Just because it doesn’t play in the realm of something that more than likely isn’t possible, but plays completely in the ‘not only that could happen, but something that did happen,’” she once said according to Black Film.

Ironically, the Shazam star had an experience that could’ve been a scene right out of Emily Rose. She recalled a time when she might’ve stayed in a real-life haunted apartment.

“Strangely enough at Sundance. It was my first year there and I had this apartment to myself and I was already freaked out because I was there alone and I couldn’t get to sleep,” she continued. “And finally just when i started to fall asleep, I had this dream of two of my girlfriends staying in my room saying ‘Don’t wake me up’. And I dreamed that one of them threw a cell phone above where I was sleeping to try to wake me up. I woke up right then and I thought the dream was for real and when I looked in the mirror in my room I could [see] a black figure crouching in my bed where my friends would have been if it was real. The room was not dark because the TV was on and you could see everything around you. You could see reflections and then all of a sudden, it stood up really quick and ran out.”

She was so crept out by the incident that Good immediately contacted one of her parents.

“I called my mom, told her the story and she was telling me to call the manager of the festival. She wanted to come and I told her I would have to open the door and if I do, I’ll make a run for it. So I ran out the room, got another one, and was still freaked out. I never saw it again,” she remembered.

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