Katie Price lashes out at Love Island star and slams her ‘irritating habit’ in savage attack

KATIE Price hit out at a Love Island star for her ‘irritating habit’.

The former glamour model shared her thoughts on Jessy Potts, who she branded “forward”.

Katie Price shared her thoughts on the show on her podcast


Katie Price shared her thoughts on the show on her podcastCredit: Getty
Jessy Potts entered the show as a bombshell


Jessy Potts entered the show as a bombshellCredit: Eroteme

Jessy, who is coupled up with Joey Essex, made shock waves after entering the show as a bombshell.

Katie discussed her thoughts on the show with her sister Sophie on their podcast.

“I actually think she’s quite naturally pretty,” Sophie said about Jessy.

“Yeah she is, that Jess… it’s the eye-rolling,” Katie added.

“She might be different in life, but you’d hope you’d act yourself on a show like that. But the thing is it’s how they edit these shows,” she continued.

“But I must say she’s very consistent with the eye-rolling and very quite forward.”

“I mean she makes good TV, I don’t know her personally but you’d hope on a show like that you act yourself,” Katie added.

“For me, there’s being forward and then there’s being a bit of a k***,” Amy joked.

“She’s very on a pedestal,” Katie said.

She also opened up about her son Harvey’s secret health condition on the podcast.

Katie, 46, explained how Harvey – who was born with a rare genetic condition called Prader-Willi syndrome – has continuously experienced his ears ‘popping’.

It’s left the 22-year-old in so much pain over the last 12 months he’s been reduced to tears.

Mum-of-five Katie said: “Basically Harvey’s had this ear problem and he’s been going to the specialist for a year and a half.

“His ear keeps popping and that’s affected his year at college, learning and that, because he cries.”

Pricey went on to say how she’s brought Harvey to a private specialist who has suggested grommets are inserted into his ears to alleviate the pain.

She continued: “They want to put grommets in his ears and basically put a hole in it to stop the popping. So it releases something for him, which will stop that.”

Concerned for Harvey, Katie told her sister Sophie: “You’ve seen it, he’s in agony with it.

“It’s so frustrating when he’s in pain and there’s nothing I can do.”

Jessy has been coupled up with Joey Essex


Jessy has been coupled up with Joey EssexCredit: Eroteme
Katie recently opened up about Harvey's health issue


Katie recently opened up about Harvey’s health issueCredit: Getty
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