Katie Price ‘lands new TV show filmed in Bali’ working with ‘diagnosed psychopath’ life coach

KATIE Price has “landed a new TV show” working with a “diagnosed psychopath” life coach.

The former glamour girl, 46, has tried her hand at many different careers over the years, but no one saw this one coming.

Katie Price is focusing on a new career


Katie Price is focusing on a new careerCredit: Getty
Pricey has teamed up with ;life coach Lewis Raymond Taylor


Pricey has teamed up with ;life coach Lewis Raymond TaylorCredit: Alamy

Today Katie revealed she trying a new career path and is training to become a life coach.

But it doesn’t stop there, she has also enlisted the help of The Psychopath Life Coach, Lewis Raymond Taylor.

Pricey is reportedly working alongside the reformed convict, who has a history of violence, drug addiction and prison stints.

Revealing the collaboration with Katie, Lewis told the MailOnline: “I think a lot of people are going to be laughing and joking and saying, ‘how can a psychopath be a life coach? How can Katie Price be a life coach when she’s put herself in this situation and that situation?’

“But you’ve got to think Katie’s been in the industry for decades, still inspiring people and still has millions of followers.

“It takes a lot of resilience to be able to do that.

“There will be a lot of people that have a lot of negative things to say, but there’ll also be a lot of people that have been inspired and empowered by Katie for decades now.

“She will make a very big difference to a lot of people because they will resonate and connect with her in a way that they won’t resonate and connect with anybody else.

“So watch out, Katie Price is here to make a difference.”

The outlet also reports that Katie and Lewis are now filming a TV show about their life coaching journey in Bali this year.

Double bankrupt Katie Price shows off incredible new TV feature wall at her Mucky Mansion

Lewis’ business is all about training other life coaches to grow their business and make more money – something Katie could do with right now, following her cash flow problems.

The Sun revealed yesterday how she has slashed the price of her sexy OnlyFans pics in half ahead of her next bankruptcy hearing.

Fans of the star can view her racy material for under £6-a-month in the flash sale.

A 30-day subscription to the self-proclaimed ‘Queen of Glamour’s’ content usually sets fans back £11.82.

Katie was reently informed by Insolvency and Companies Court Judge Catherine Burton that 40 percent of her OnlyFans earnings will be deducted each month for the next three years to help pay off her huge debts.

Last month Katie revealed she won’t attend her next bankruptcy court hearing after she missed the previous one – and was threatened with jail.

The TV star hit back at claims she had “gone off on a jolly” in Cyprus after missing her bankruptcy hearing in April.

Katie said she had been legally signed off by a psychiatrist and a consultant doctor – and had been receiving outpatient treatment at The Priory.

The mum-of-five insisted she takes her court proceedings “very seriously” and has been found mentally incapable of being cross-examined in front of the public and the media.

Speaking to her sister Sophie, she said: “I was supposed to come away [on holiday] no one knew I was coming away other than professionals around me.

“The court knew that I wasn’t going to my bankruptcy because mentally I have been signed off from any kind of activity of the court. To be cross examined in front of the media and the public.

“I am taking my bankruptcy so serious, like I do everything else, it is a very serious situation that I am in.”

Addressing claims she had ignored her financial woes, the star continued: “It does look like ‘she’s just gone on holiday’.

“No. There were just four days in my diary that I was able to go away.”

Sophie interjected, saying: “How it looks … as if you don’t turn up to court hearings, you make excuses but you’ll f**k off on holiday. That’s how it looks.”

Katie replied: “The public are influenced, but you’ve got my words from me here when I say I’m not mentally able and stable to go into court at the moment. I am only doing what my body and brain can do at the moment.

“I am taking the bankruptcy seriously. It’s not like I’ve jetted off on a five star holiday, and also let me say something.

“It’s not my fault that my friend came to this hotel a week before me and told them [the hotel staff] I am coming and to look after me.

“So when I came here they upgraded me for nothing. This holiday was actually a very cheap holiday.

Katie is in a relationship with reality star JJ Slater


Katie is in a relationship with reality star JJ SlaterCredit: Instagram

“There’s reasons I don’t want to be in my surroundings at the moment. I’m having a difficult time.

“I’m looking after myself, the way I feel, I look after myself better.

“So there is another court hearing and I won’t be going to that either. I want everyone to know.”

She ended on the matter, saying: “I needed a break from whats going on behind the scenes, my little head is quite fragile at the moment, so I can only do what I can do.

“I’m not ignoring anyone, I’m not fooling anyone, I’m engaging with everyone.

“What I’ve learned from the past is never ignore anything, communicate, and that’s what I’m doing.

“I’m doing mentally everything I can because I don’t want to go back down to having a breakdown.

“So I’m in the gym, being healthy, being focused and being positive.”

The ex-glamour model was due to give evidence about her finances at the High Court.

But at the start of the hearing, it was revealed Katie told lawyers less than 24 hours before that she couldn’t attend.

Katie’s court history

Katie has stopped attending court proceedings

2010 Katie is issued with a six month driving ban for speeding and using her phone while driving.

2015 The star receives a £1220 fine for jumping a red light.

2018 She is slapped with a six month driving ban in February 2018.

2018 Katie is in jail for 13 hours for being found asleep behind the wheel of her car.

2019 A year later the star is issued with her third driving ban, for three months.

2019 She is declared bankrupt for the first time.

2021 Katie crashes her car while under the influence of alcohol and drugs and suffers a breakdown.

2022 Katie is sentenced to an 18-month community order with 150 hours of community service for driving matters.

2022 She pleads guilty to breaching a restraining order and ordered to pay £1500.

2024 She is declared bankrupt a second time.

2024 The star is warned she risks jail after failing to appear in court.

A barrister told the judge: “It’s quite apparent that the evidence was filed very late and not even filed with the court.

“We are in a very serious situation as a consequence. She may be held in contempt of court, imprisoned, fined or a warrant issued for her arrest.”

Katie was declared bankrupt for a second time last month over an unpaid tax bill of £761,994.05.

The Sun revealed Katie was in Cyprus on her court date.

The star later shared photos with her boyfriend JJ at a luxury resort.

Katie was previously declared bankrupt in November 2019, with debts of £3.2million.

Katie Price has cut the cost of her OnlyFans subscription


Katie Price has cut the cost of her OnlyFans subscriptionCredit: Instagram
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