Katie Price fans slam star as they spot ‘disgusting’ detail in new video

KATIE Price has been slammed by fans for a “disgusting” detail in her new video.

It came after the mum of five, 46, opened up on her brand new boob job during a candid chat on her podcast.

Katie Price has been slammed by fans after a 'disgusting' detail in her new video


Katie Price has been slammed by fans after a ‘disgusting’ detail in her new videoCredit: Instagram
It came after the mum of five underwent her 17th boob job


It came after the mum of five underwent her 17th boob jobCredit: instagram
Katie was heard munching on her grub as sister Sophie chatted about her unborn baby


Katie was heard munching on her grub as sister Sophie chatted about her unborn babyCredit: Instagram
One Instagram user blasted what they deemed to be Katie's 'bad manners'


One Instagram user blasted what they deemed to be Katie’s ‘bad manners’Credit: PA

Katie donned a yellow sweater emblazoned with the word California and pulled her raven locks into a high ponytail for the natter with sister Sophie.

Sophie, who is pregnant with her second child, was discussing her latest scan in which she found out if she was having a little boy or girl.

Talking of the scan, she said: “So she did it again and said it is a …” before bleeping the words out.

Sophie added: “Yeah! And I was a bit like, ‘oh God.'”

Katie had been silent for the majority of the chat yet – instead of listening intently – she had been multi tasking by eating a bowl of food.

Her chomping could be picked up by the podcast microphone leaving one Instagram fan to rage: “To eat while your sister is excitedly speaking about her baby is just bad manners.”

A second put: “Can you please do one episode without Katie eating? It’s really not nice to listen to,” as a third suggested: “The point of a podcast is to listen the fact she chooses to troth throughout is ignorant much like your comment.”

Another mused of her “disgusting” antics and put: “Would prefer to listen without having to hear her eat all the time. It’s unprofessional – do you eat during work meetings and appointments?!”

One then put: “Sat eating food listening to someone waffle about nothing…. brilliant.”

Katie Price jokes boyfriend JJ Slater is mistaken for her teen son as she’s stopped from buying knives at a supermarket

Yet a spokesperson for Katie’s The Katie Price Show podcast clarified the situation and wrote in the comments: ‘You can’t hear her eat on the ep don’t worry!”


The podcast also addressed Katie’s 17th boob job after she went under the knife recently.

She had told how she regretted her 2120 CC implants, which she got to have the biggest boobs in Britain.

In the previous podcast she told sister Sophie: “I’ve got to get the train to Brussels because on Wednesday, ladies and gentleman, Miss Price gets her boobs done smaller.

Katie Price’s Surgery: A Timeline

1998 – Katie underwent her first breast augmentation taking her from a natural B cup to a C cup. She also had her first liposuction

1999 – Katie had two more boob jobs in the same year, one taking her from a C cup to a D cup, and then up to an F cup

2006 – Katie went under the knife to take her breasts up to a G cup

2007 – Katie had a rhinoplasty and veneers on her teeth

2008 – Katie stunned fans by reducing her breasts from an F cup to a C cup

2011 – Going back to an F cup, Katie also underwent body-contouring treatment and cheek and lip fillers

2014/5 – Following a nasty infection, Katie had her breast implants removed

2016 – Opting for bigger breasts yet again, Katie had another set of implants, along with implants, Botox and lip fillers

2017 – After a disastrous ‘threading’ facelift, Katie also had her veneers replaced. She also had her eighth boob job taking her to a GG cup

2018 – Katie went under the knife yet again for a facelift

2019 – After jetting to Turkey, Katie had a face, eye and eyelid lift, Brazilian bum lift and a tummy tuck

2020 – Katie has her 12th boob job in Belgium to correct botched surgery and a new set of veneers

2021 –  In a complete body overhaul, she opts for eye and lip lifts, liposuction under her chin, fat injected into her bum and full body liposuction

2022 – Katie undergoes another brow and eye lift-and undergoes ‘biggest ever’ boob job in Belgium, her 16th in total

2023 – Opting for a second rhinoplasty, Katie also gets a lip lift at the same time as well as new lip filler throughout the year

“Basically, the reason I’m doing it is because one looks a bit bigger than the other and it’s dropped. So they do need doing. My cleavage bit sticks up but it should be down. So it’s more like corrective. It’s because I’ve gone big that they’ve done that so I’m going to go smaller.

“And then on the same day, after my op, get the train back.”

In December 2022, Katie underwent her 16th operation in Belgium.

Yet, worryingly, a surgeon has warned Katie could be risking her life by not allowing herself to recover.


Katie is being supported by boyfriend JJ Slater and plans to attend and perform at Dublin Pride this weekend.

Yet a lack of rest and recovery time has very real dangers according to Dr Omar Tillo, Consultant Plastic Surgeon and Founder of Creo Clinic.

He exclusively told The Sun of the danger of Katie jetting straight back post-op and said: “Even though bed rest isn’t strictly necessary after breast augmentation, rest and limited activity are definitely recommended, especially after having numerous procedures.

“Going to a big event like Dublin Pride just days after major surgery carries significant risks. Physical activity and being in a crowd can strain your body, leading to more pain, swelling, or even bleeding at the surgery site.

“There’s also a higher risk of infection in public places where it’s hard to stay sterile. Since your immune system is already working overtime after surgery, being around lots of people can make it easier to get sick and slow down your healing process.

“Plus, overdoing it can delay your recovery and might mean you need more medical help. It’s really important to rest and follow your surgeon’s care instructions to make sure you heal properly.”

She admitted she was headed overseas for her latest surgery


She admitted she was headed overseas for her latest surgeryCredit: Getty
Doctor warned the star after she headed home hours after her mammoth op


Doctor warned the star after she headed home hours after her mammoth opCredit: Instagram
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