Inside Shania Twain’s backstage routine as she lifts lid on Vegas residency

COUNTRY music sensation Shania Twain has lifted the lid on her routine on tour – which includes waking up at midday, avoiding solid food and drinking just one coffee a day.

The megastar has a busy summer of huge UK performances this summer, as well as juggling her epic Las Vegas residency.

Country music sensation Shania Twain has lifted the lid on her routine on tour


Country music sensation Shania Twain has lifted the lid on her routine on tourCredit: SWNS
Shania's morning routine will start at noon after late nights


Shania’s morning routine will start at noon after late nightsCredit: Getty

To keep herself in tip-top condition, Shania follows a strict regime to make sure she performs to the best of her abilities.

She said: “My typical morning routine starts at around noon. Mornings are for resting because we’re usually travel straight after the show, which means getting to bed very late.

“I usually start with the tea or coffee, but the whole day is all liquid, no solids. I’m not into the sweet coffees, I like it rich, but no sugar.”

Shania shared her routine and coffee habits as she teams up with Compare the Market as part of their latest campaign celebrating their Caffe Nero partnership.

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Internal data showed more than three million transactions, using the offer, have been made – saving customers £4million so far with the average person saving £1.27 per transaction.

It comes as the comparison site carried out research of 2,000 adults to uncover the nation’s coffee habits, which revealed the average Brit consumes two cups of coffee a day.

People splash out an average of £8 per week on coffee, with latte (21 per cent), cappuccino (20 per cent) and Americano (14 per cent) the beverages of choice.

Semi skimmed milk (44 per cent) is the most popular milk consumed in coffee, followed by whole milk (28 per cent).
On show days, Shania avoids drinking milk, as the dairy can impact on her vocals.

She added: “But when I’m at home, I’m eating raclette, fondue, all the normal things that one eats when you’re in Switzerland, which is where I’m at most of the time when I’m not touring.”

With dozens of performances across the world coming up, Shania shared a few more of her quirky habits to create idyllic conditions wherever she is.

That includes bringing her own bedsheets to create a sense of familiarity – along with a dehumidifier to ensure her vocals are kept in tip-top condition.

Shania said: “It’s just the comfort and creating tactile consistency of your own sheets, pillows and dehumidifiers.

I like clean humidification in the room when I’m sleeping.
“And the sheets are a ‘home away from home’, so every day I’ve got the same texture around me.”

Speaking about the partnership with Caffe Nero which gives customers 25 per cent off barista-made drinks and pastries via the Meerkat App.

Compare the Market’s Julie Daniels said: “Shania is a superstar, and it’s fascinating for her to lift the lid on her coffee habits whilst on the road and at home.”

Shania starts the day with a coffee and likes it rich with no sugar


Shania starts the day with a coffee and likes it rich with no sugarCredit: SWNS
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