‘Ghosts’: Hetty’s Cause of Death Reveal Leaves Only 1 Ghost With an Unknown Demise

Rebecca Wisocky as Hetty in 'Ghosts' Hetty's cause of death remains a mystery


‘Ghosts’ fans have finally learned that Hetty died by suicide. The shocking revelation leaves just one spirit with an unknown cause of death.

CBS’ hit sitcom Ghosts continues to delight fans, but the subject matter grew heavy on Thursday, April 18. While fans were thrilled to see Flower return, more surprises were in store. Leading up to the episode, fans of the series had already learned how most of the ghosts died, and now we’ve learned Hetty’s cause of death. That leaves just one ghost with an unknown death. 

Hetty’s cause of death has been revealed 

Hetty, the robber baroness who controls Woodstone Mansion, has been an important character since the series’ inception, but her death remained a mystery until recently. Earlier in the series, fans learned that Hetty’s diabolic husband, Elias, died when he was trapped inside a vault. Still, Hetty never spoke of her own demise. 

The ghosts of Woodstone Mansion congregate in the living room in an episode of 'Ghosts'
The cast of ‘Ghosts’ | Best Possible Screen Grab/CBS 2021 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Now, fans have learned that Hetty died by suicide when he feared the family fortune could be lost. The big reveal brought a heavy topic into the otherwise light sitcom, but one that was important to discuss. Fans are largely happy with how the writers handled the storyline and the depth Hetty’s cause of death added to her character. 

Rebecca Wisocky didn’t learn Hetty’s faith until a month before filming 

Rebecca Wisocky, who portrays Hetty in Ghosts, only learned her character’s cause of death a month before the episode was shot. In a chat with the Hollywood Reporter, Wisocky revealed that the writers came to her with the idea. She said she was given the information about a month before the episode was shot. While she had some time to get used to the idea, she said she was surprised to find out what the writers had come up with. 

Fans were equally shocked. Over the last two seasons, viewers have discussed Hetty’s potential cause of death more than once. Some fans theorized that Hetty died from a drug overdose because she referenced cocaine more than once. Other viewers wondered if Hetty had fallen down the stairs, much like Samantha did in the series premiere. No one predicted that Hetty would have died by suicide, though. 

Sasappis is the only spirit who hasn’t revealed his cause of death 

Now that Hetty’s cause of death has been revealed, Ghosts fans have learned how almost all of the main spirits came to reside inside Woodstone Mansion. In fact, there is just a single spirit whose story has yet to be told, and it seems unlikely that season 3 will bring more answers. 

Flower, Sass, Pete and Thorfinn and Albert stand in the kitchen at Woodstone in 'Ghosts'
Sheila Carrasco as Flower, Román Zaragoza as Sasappis, Richie Moriarty as Pete,Devan Chandler Long as Thorfinn and Danielle Pinnock as Alberta | Bertrand Calmeau/CBS via Getty Images

Sasappis, a Lenape spirit, is the only ghost who has not revealed how they died. In fact, Sass is the ghost that fans of the series have learned the absolute least about. There is suspicion that his death might be more traumatic than most of the stories told thus far, including Hetty’s. While Sass hasn’t said much about his life, fans sense a sadness from the spirit that seems palpable. 

While Sass’ story hasn’t been told yet, fans will get a chance to learn more about him. The series has been renewed for a fourth season. Season 3 will wrap up shortly, and season 4 is expected to premiere in the fall. 

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