David Duchovny Was in Talks to Appear in Multiple ‘Sex and the City’ Episodes

Dasvid Duchovny poses at the Four Seasons Hotel in 2009. Duchovny guest starred in 'Sex and the City' as Carrie Bradshaw's ex, Jeremy.


David Duchovny appeared in one episode as Jeremy, Carrie’s high school love. Duchovny recently revealed there was chatter about including him in more episodes. It never happened.

Carrie Bradshaw dated a lot of men during Sex and the City’s six-season run. Despite being the character with the most long-term relationships, she still managed to have a fair number of one-off dates. She even briefly rekindled her romance with her high school boyfriend, Jeremy. David Duchovny, best known for his work in The X-Files and Californication, took on the part. Recently, Duchovny revealed that Jeremy almost had a more expansive role in Carrie’s life. According to Duchovny, there were talks about including the character in more episodes of Sex and the City.

David Duchovny was in talks to appear in more than one episode of ‘Sex and the City’

David Duchovny sat down for an interview with People, and the topic of Sex and the City came up. Duchovny appeared in a single episode of the iconic series as Jeremy, Carrie’s high school sweetheart. The former flames reconnected for a few nights but ultimately parted ways when Jeremy revealed that he was living in a mental health facility to work through some personal issues.

David Duchovny and Sarah Jessica Parker in 'Sex and the City'
Jeremy and Carrie | Netflix/HBO

While Jeremy ultimately appeared in just one episode, Duchovny revealed that was not by design. He told the publication that there were talks about him potentially reprising the role. Duchovny did not reveal why he didn’t return to the series. He said it just didn’t work out. While his time on the show was short-lived, he has fond memories of it. Duchovny told People that he loved working with Sarah Jessica Parker. He recalled falling into an easy, familiar rhythm with her immediately.

Jeremy only appeared in one episode, but the character served an important purpose

While his return to Carrie’s life was short-lived, Jeremy served as a great palate cleanser for fans. Before briefly reconnecting with Jeremy, Carrie was entangled in a dysfunctional relationship with Jack Berger. Berger broke up with Carrie via Post-It note just three episodes earlier. After Jeremy returned to the Connecticut facility he lived in, Carrie met Aleksandr Petrovsky, a Russian artist. Their relationship got off to a bumpy start, as well.

Sarah Jessica Parker and Mikhail Baryshnikov are spotted filming together for 'Sex and the City' season 6.
Carrie Bradshaw and Aleksandr Petrovsky | James Devaney/WireImage

While Jeremy and Carrie didn’t ultimately get back together in Sex and the City, we would not be against seeing him return in And Just Like That… season 3. He is one of a few former loves fans wouldn’t mind seeing resurface. It probably won’t happen, though. John Corbett has been spotted on the set as Aidan Shaw, so the season will likely revolve around that rekindled romance. Still, we can hope.

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