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Investigators found payments from Hunter and his companies to a suspected 'Eastern European prostitution ring,' can reveal. The Treasury documents also said Hunter made nine 'peer-to-peer transfers' ¿ such as Zelle ¿ totaling $30,900, including to this female friend, a woman previously linked to a 'sex trafficking ring' in other Treasury reports

EXCLUSIVE: Hunter Biden was suspected of hiring prostitutes from 'Eastern European sex trafficking ring' during drug binges and falsifying checks to pay the women, Treasury documents reveal

Bank investigators suspected Hunter Biden was associated with a ‘sex trafficking ring’ and falsified checks to pay prostitutes, Treasury documents reveal. Suspicious Activity Reports (SARs) reviewed by show the First Son’s accounts were being monitored as late as December…

Why Britain's Robin Hood Tree Is So Revered

Why Britain's Robin Hood Tree Is So Revered

Usually, when it comes to Hollywood films, it is the actors who take the plaudits. But when Kevin Costner and Morgan Freeman came to film the blockbuster “Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves” in Northumberland in the early 1990s, another star…

Bosses at nearly 90 retailers including Tesco , Sainsbury's and Boots have joined forces to call for a crackdown on brazen shoplifters bringing chaos to Britain's streets. Pictured: ITV News cameras catch thief trying to steal booze from south London store as reporter interviews shopkeeper about shoplifting epidemic

New national police intelligence unit to crackdown on shoplifters: Squad will finally treat crime on par with robbery, burglary and fraud as organised gangs plunder Britain's high streets, garden centres and even charity shops

Shoplifting will be treated as a ‘high-harm’ cross-border crime on par with robbery, burglary and fraud by a new specialist national police team.  The squad of intelligence analysts will be tasked with identifying the organised criminal gangs blamed for fuelling…