Who is Andrea Wendel?

Andrea Wendel was born on 5 August 1992, in California, USA, and is a YouTube personality, best known for finding fame with her channel “Whatever”, on which she conducts social experiments and perpetrates pranks. One of her most popular videos on the website is entitled “Asking Guys For Sex (Social Experiment)” which has attracted over 56 million views.

Posted by Andrea Wendel on Tuesday, October 16, 2018

The Wealth of Andrea Wendel

How rich is Andrea Wendel? As of early-2019, sources inform us of a net worth that is over $300,000, earned through a successful career on YouTube. She’s appeared and collaborated with numerous YouTubers, and has also appeared in various events over the last few years. As she continues her career, it is expected that her wealth will also continue to increase.

Early Life and YouTube Career

Very little information is available about Andrea’s early life; she grew up in California, but information about her family and her education is scarce, except that she studied in Santa Barbara, California. She lived most of her life away from the spotlight until she discovered YouTube. She had a passion for comedy, pranks and performing, but never really found an outlet for it until she was given the opportunity by one of her friends.

In 2015, she joined the “Whatever” YouTube channel, which is known for conducting social experiments and pranks to release as video content for their viewers. She participated in a few of the most popular videos of the channel during that year, with the most popular being when she asked guys for sex as a part of a social experiment. The video proved highly popular, going viral, and elevating her fame significantly. Soon after the video release, numerous viewers wanted to get to know more about this new YouTube personality.


Wendel continued to contribute to “Whatever” for a few more videos; other popular videos she did include “Spank Prank Las Vegas”, “2 Girls Asking for Threesomes”, and “Girl Picking Up Girls”.  All of her videos continued to attract upwards of six million views, making her a mainstay of the channel. She also started her own YouTube channel under her name which quickly earned over 40,000 subscribers, however, she has yet to post any content of her own as she is still busy with other endeavors.

She also started working with another YouTuber named Alex Mandel, on his vlog type videos; he is an actor and the son of television personality Howie Mandel. The two lived together for some time, and so started making videos together as a part of his blog. Her popularity continued to grow with Mandel, but it also drew criticism of her, with critics stating that she was just there so that she could earn extra money and fame from Mandel. The accusations did not faze her, however, as she continues to collaborate with him on a regular basis.

Andrea Wendel on Social Media

Similar to numerous YouTube personalities, Wendel is highly active on social media, having accounts on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. She mainly posts pictures of herself in various locations around the country, as she’s seen traveling a lot to events, and doing photo shoots – despite her quality pictures, she has not endeavored to venture into modelling. She also posts a few pictures with her friends, and of her children though they are few and far between. Her Twitter account and Facebook account mainly promote her work with Mandel, reposting a lot of the videos from his YouTube channel.

Since leaving his home in 2018 however, she has participated in and posted less on her accounts. Her Instagram account stays very active, but there is a lot of mystery surrounding her current endeavors. It is known that she has also worked on other prank-related channels, and has credits with such as Simple Pickup. In recent months, she’s been reposting content from her old videos. Many sources state that he wsill continue to work with Mandel, though he has not posted anything new since the beginning of 2019.

Personal Life

For her personal life, it is known that Andrea is in a relationship, though she rarely shares anything about it, despite the fact that a good portion of her life is public thanks to her online career. Even her personal accounts don’t post any pictures of him, though she has talked about him in some of the videos she’s been featured in. She has two children from that relationship, and her YouTube channel was intended as a vlog type channel for her and her boyfriend, but it never panned out. The description of the channel was also removed after she created it.

There were rumors going around that she had a relationship with Alex Mandel, but both of them confirmed that they were never romantically linked, just best friends. They lived together for some time, and even stayed together until the end of 2018 when she decided to move away. Fans state that they might have had a friends-with-benefits type of situation, while others state that Alex wouldn’t have had the personality or capability to make things more romantic between the two of them. Her posts online imply that she is happy with her situation and her children.

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