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Stephanie Cozart Burton is a professional makeup artist and wife of American actor LeVar burton.

Facts of Stephanie Cozart Burton

Full Name Stephanie Cozart Burton
Height 170cm
Date of Birth 1953/11/10
Birth Country America
Birth Place indiana
Horoscope scorpio
Sexual Orientation straight

Popular makeup artist Stephanie Cozart Burton is a professional. She was born in Fort Wayne, Indiana, in the United States on November 10, 1953. Levar Burton, an American actor, is her husband. They got married and have been cohabitating for about 30 years.

She received honors including Daytime Creative Arts and was nominated for Primetime Emmy Awards for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Makeup for a Series. She has also earned recognition as an actor due to her involvement in a number of entertainment-related projects.

Stephanie Cozart Burton net worth 2022

Because of her perseverance, hard work, and dedication, Stephanie Cozart Burton has amassed a sizeable fortune. She amassed such wealth through working as a makeup artist on various advertisements, motion pictures, and television shows.

According to estimates, she will have amassed a sizeable $6 Million in 2022, which will encompass all of her assets and royalties. As long as she continues to work as a makeup artist, her future earnings will increase.

Levar Burton, an American actor, television host, filmmaker, and novelist, is the husband of Stephanie Cozart Burton. They have been married for almost 25 years. October 3, 1953 was the date of their wedding. They planned a lovely wedding ceremony, and as of today, they haven’t turned back. On their social media, they both post pictures of their great times.

picture of Stephanie Cozart Burton picture source @stephaniecozartburton

This lovely couple even had two children, and they are now leading extremely happy lives. They continue to talk about one another on social media.

 Stephanie Cozart Burton Raised in Indiana

In Fort Wayne, Indiana, a city in the United States, Cozart was born and nurtured. She has always had a passion for makeup, and in order to pursue her aspirations, she later learnt how to manufacture it and took classes. She received professional makeup instruction at the Joe Blasco Makeup School in Hollywood, California, where she also participated in numerous training sessions in prosthetics, special effects, corrective beauty, and makeup art.

In order to further her acting career, she even studied film at UCLA and Indiana University in Bloomington, Indiana. Despite not actively participating in the performing industry, she has produced some outstanding works.

Past Relationships of Stephanie Cozart Burton

Regarding Stephanie Cozart Burton and John Matuszak, it was said that they dated for a very long time before she got married. Regarding her prior relationships, nothing else is known.

Rumors cannot be used to determine the relationship status, thus as of right now, she had only been in a relationship with one individual before being married.

Family Life

Cozart was raised by her mother Michaela, a professional hairdresser in the industry who later encouraged her daughter to pursue a career in makeup. Since her parents divorced while she was a child, she was raised solely by her mother. Her mother inspired and supported her in pursuing a career as a cosmetics artist.

Mica Burton and Eian Burton, as well as Cozart’s husband, are the family’s current members. They appear to be quite content together. On her social media, we can see her sharing memories and images with her family. Her offspring share her intelligence.

Makeup Journey

She began working as a cosmetics artist after completing her training. She performed makeup for numerous films and television shows. Although she has worked with a number of celebrities, applying their makeup for film shoots and award ceremonies. Including Tracee Ellis Ross, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Jim Carrey, Jennifer Lopez, Aisha Tyler, and numerous others.

She received numerous honors as a result of her incredible makeup talent, diligence, and commitment. Therefore she enjoys enormous popularity for her work and frequently receives praise from other famous people.

Acting Journey

She had a passion for makeup, but she also wanted to develop her acting abilities. Also she has worked on numerous television, film, serial, and fashion projects throughout her acting career. Ghost, White Men Can’t Jump, They’re Off, and A Low Dirty Shame are a few of her works.

She has been on The Talk on CBS and Whose Line Is It Anyway on the CW. Even though she hasn’t done much, the tiny things she has done have helped her identify others.

She even appeared in advertisements for numerous well-known companies, like Walmart 7up, Kodak, Chrysler, Coca-Cola, and McDonald’s. She received a lot of praise for her efforts. Due to her busy schedule working in the beauty and fashion industries, she is not very active at the moment.

How active is Cozart in social media?

Cozart appears to be very active on social media, but she does not seem to be able to attract many followers. She frequently writes on her cosmetics and makeup art. She even talks about her family, clients, and coworkers. And she posts about her pets and shares her amusing times with them. For anyone who loves makeup, her content appears to be pretty intriguing and appealing. She also includes some images of food.

Although her social media accounts have not yet been authenticated, you can follow Stephanie Cozart Burton on Instagram at @stephaniecozartburton for further details and updates.

Does Cozart Own Any Pets?

Cozart appears to be a very content dog mom to two pups. Both of her puppies are adorable; one has black fur and the other has gray/white fur. She frequently updates her social media accounts with posts regarding her dog. With her puppies, she has had many adorable and joyful moments. She even remembered her pet dog’s birthday.

Even her daughter, who lives with her, owns a horse. They appear to be an animal-loving family who enjoys spending a lot of time with their dogs.

Where Does she Live?

Cozart currently resides in the United States of America, but for security concerns, her exact address is not made public. In order to protect her family from harm, she has maintained her seclusion.

They were able to construct their ideal home thanks to their labor of love. She has a residence in the United States where she lives with her husband, kids, and dogs, offering us an example of the perfect family.


Celebrity Stephanie Cozart Burton is free of controversies. She is well-known only for her positive attributes. Since she is renowned for her modesty and kindness, she has avoided controversy up until this point.

She avoids arguments at all costs, and because she doesn’t divulge anything about her personal life, no one has an opportunity to criticize her or stir up a debate.

Interests and Hobbies

For her love in performing cosmetics and fashion, Cozart is highly recognized. She even made the decision to pursue a career in the fields in which she has an interest, but she also expresses an interest in art on her social media accounts. Her passion for painting is evident to all.

Stephanie Cozart Burton portrait picture source Instagram: @stephaniecozartburton

She even enjoys cooking and occasionally posts her recipes on social media. She has a strong passion for cooking. Her fans profit from her material because she primarily publishes nutritious recipes, which are quite helpful.

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