Emma Chamberlain is a popular YouTuber, who entered the vloggers community in 2017, and gained an unexpected number of subscribers and followers in all social media platforms. What made her popular? How did she get such success in one year? Let’s try to find out more details about Emma Chamberlain’s life, talented parents, school issues and hobbies.

Emma Chamberlain

Early life and family

Emma Francis Chamberlain was born on 22 May 2001, in San Carlos, California USA, the only child to her father, Michael Chamberlain who is a famous oil painter, but her mother’s name and occupation is unknown. Emma’s parents divorced when she was a small child, since when her father has lived alone, not dating anybody and apparently happy to fully focus on his work. Michael has been painting for a living for many years, and so his family have had hard times, without enough money even for simple and cheap entertainments such as a movie or a cafe. But the Chamberlains were very supportive of each other and successfully overcame all difficulties staying true to their interests and inner voice.

Michael is known for his numerous paintings of the sights of California, such as everyday life scenes of the San Francisco Bay Area they now live in: streets, crossroads, surfers, beaches, ocean, etc. He draws his daughter, Emma, very often, or other girls drinking coffee as a tribute to his daughter who is fond of this drink. His followers on Instagram write supportive comments when they see such paintings. At the moment he has over 126,000 followers on his Instagram account, plus a YouTube channel created in 2012, on which he’s uploaded more than 200 videos and confesses that he’s even more proud of these than the number of subscribers.. He also has an account on Patreon where he collects donations to make more videos and to upload them more often. Those people who become patrons for his activity get access to the materials which are not available on YouTube.

He started playing the guitar when he was seven years old but he was not a fan of it. He sometimes collaborates with his daughter and makes a duo video, showing for example how they hang on a “banana” light on one of his walls. He’s got almost 150,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel.

Emma admits that her parents are the main role models for her, having provided the greatest impact on her life and is very close to both of them. Emma shares music interests and a passion for photography with her father, and enjoys shopping with her mother.


Emma attended Notre Dame High School in Belmont, an independent Catholic all-girls preparatory school; she never wanted to study there and her last year at school was so unbearable that she got severe depression and was totally stressed out, going to school around three days a week, skipping a lot of lessons. The day before she was going finish another school year, she failed her driving test, and it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. Emma decided she wanted to quit her school and her father eventually supported her in her decision and even helped her to switch onto YouTube. However, Emma still has some good memories from her school years; she shared that her favourite subjects were Biology and Science, but she hated her English classes. She remembers a lot of negativity she faced in her school, having tense relationships with her teachers, but couldn’t name the reason for that. When asked about her favorite teacher she tried to avoid the answer, saying they were all good but she couldn’t find an approach to relate with them successfully.

Apparently she was despised and bullied all the time. Summing up her memories about high school, Emma gives advice to her younger self: ‘You will never regret being kind’. She says she tried to be polite and empathetic in any hard situation she was in.

Starting a YouTube channel became a saving grace for her. Videos took her out of her depression; she went hardcore vlogging every day, after her father helped her to make her first video.

YouTube success

Even though Emma created her YouTube channel in 2016, it took her a year to post the first video, called “City Inspired Summer Lookbook 2017”, and it became popular at once. The video is full of editing tricks and motion effects, but Emma looks very natural there, and it seems to charm the viewers. Her hairstyle is not flawless and looks naturally messy and wavy, she doesn’t care about her skin imperfections and doesn’t try to hide them under tons of makeup. Probably that is the secret of her success – she doesn’t try to be someone else but just herself, a “chatterbox’ who bursts out with talk about her daily life and routine.

She’s uploaded many vlogs of various themed content: travelling, fitness routine, vegetarian diet basics, fashion and style, DIY. It looked like she didn’t want to do anything specific, and just created the content which could be interesting for ordinary girls of her age, which was apparently her key to the audience. Very soon her videos attracted views, and her accounts on Instagram, Twitter and YouTube millions of subscribers – her Instagram account has more than 6.6 million followers. her YouTube channel almost seven million, and almost two million people read her Twitter.

It’s worth mentioning that she re-started her YouTube channel as the first was horrible to Emma’s mind – now one can’t find those videos, but they still make her very embarrassed.

Hobbies, real life facts and interests

Living in the San Francisco Bay Area, Emma enjoys her celebrity life, joking that she’s doing literally nothing for a living. She believes she hasn’t got any talent, but would love to be a talented dancer or a good singer, but isn’t good at either.

She enjoyss music of the 1950s and ‘60s, and likes listening to the Beatles, Elton John and other older performers, preferring alternative music to modern music styles. When she was in her middle school she used to play the cello. Emma enjoys her vegetarian lifestyle and engages her subscribers to go for a vegan or vegetarian diet. Her favourite food is vegetarian sushi, and favourite drink coffee, though she promises herself to lower her daily intake. Consuming liters of coffee, Emma still has naps during the day, saying napping is her kind of hobby. She also admits that she is passionate about editing and filming her videos, exercising and having fun while cooking. Emma mentioned several times in her videos that she likes competitive sports. She’s tried swimming, taekwondo, gymnastics, cheerleading, etc, and really enjoyed cross country at school.

If she could describe herself in one sentence, Emma believes it would be: ‘When I set a target, I will never give up until I get what I want’. Emma loves all animals, preferring dogs to cats; she has both, but likes to spend more time with her dog. She claims to have a vermiphobia since she has the fear of caterpillars.

Emma often suffers from overthinking. She hates reading and has only one book she liked reading – “If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late” by Pseudonymous Bosch.

Boyfriends and dating

Emma admits she doesn’t go to dates often since she considers them to be very boring. Dreaming of a perfect date, Emma imagines something similar to swimming in the ocean at 2 a.m. She says she hasn’t got too much experience with boyfriends since ‘she’s too young for such things’, but she’s seeking someone who she can talk to, she can trust, and who can understand her. She laughs that she had only one relationship, when she was in the 5th grade.

However, she’s said to be dating with Ethan Dolan at the moment. She and Dolan are members of “Sister Squad”, a YouTube group of vloggers working together.


Emma Chamberlain is 5ft 4ins (1.63 m) tall. Her eyes are light-blue and her skin is more often tanned. She doesn’t use any makeup and keeps her hairstyle messy and simple. Her hair were blonde most of the time but one day she suddenly decided to get a darker shade and dyed her hair dark-brown. Her mom didn’t like the color and jokingly criticized her daughter’s choice in one of Emma’s vlogs. Her fashion style can be called casual. She likes accessories and always wears many at the same time. Recently she had her nose pierced.

Other businesses

Emma has a merchandise store where she sells hoodies with her quotes. Once she announced new merch hoodies for St.Valentine’s Day on her Instagram account, and they sold out in less than four days. She also makes money from sponsored posts on her Instagram account.

Net Worth

Emma’s net worth is estimated by authoritative sources to be over $3 million – quite impressive for a few years effort by a person who considers herself without talent!

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