Who is Daddy Dave?

Have you heard the latest news from racing tracks in Oklahoma? If you have, then you probably know who Daddy Dave is. He came to prominence through his appearance in the reality TV series “Street Outlaws”, and since then has become one of the most praised Oklahoma-based street racers. Born David Comstock on the 4th April 1973, in Shawnee, Oklahoma USA, he is a car expert, racer, and TV personality. Do you want to read more about Daddy Dave and his way of life? If yes, then stay with us, because information about Daddy Dave’s life is about to follow, from his childhood to most recent career endeavors.

Daddy Dave Wiki: Early Life and Parents

Daddy is the son of Marge and Peter Comstock; he grew up in his hometown, and was interested in cars from an early age. Soon after he obtained his driving license at 16, Daddy began racing; though he had problems collecting money for cars and races, he started with his parents’ 1978 Chevrolet Impala.

Career Beginnings

Despite an underperforming car, Daddy Dave began winning races, and in no time became one of the most prominent drivers in Oklahoma. He soon earned enough money for a new car, a 1996 GMC Sonoma S10 pick-up truck, which was then redesigned to suit Daddy best. He continued where he left off with his Chevrolet, and thanks to his friendship with Justin Shearer – better known as Big Chief – he began appearing in the reality TV series “Street Outlaws”. Since 2013, and his first appearance, Daddy has become the No. 1 Oklahoma driver, and has developed a few rivalries on the track, including the one with Shawn.

Rise to Prominence

Thanks to his screen appearance, Daddy became more popular, and soe attracted numerous sponsors who would provide him with everything he needed for racing, including new cars. Since then, Daddy has opened his own shop, where he customizes cars to his own liking, and works on new car parts, doing all he can to improve his results. He has become a star, not just in Oklahoma and around the rest of the US, but throughout the world, thanks to his success.

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Daddy Dave Net Worth

Do you know how rich Daddy Dave is? Well, he struggled at the beginning of his career, mostly because he had no money for a new car, but thanks to hard work, dedication and talent, Daddy became a prominent street racer, which contributed significantly to his wealth. So, have you ever wondered how rich Daddy Dave is, as of mid- 2018? According to authoritative sources, it has been estimated that Daddy Dave’s net worth is as high as $2 million, which is pretty impressive don’t you think?

Daddy Dave Dead

Back in 2015, rumors of Daddy Dave’s demise started appearing online; he was involved in a near-fatal car crash, which left him severely injured, with many thinking that he died in the crash. Perhaps luckily, Dave was left with a broken shoulder, severe lung bruising and heavy concussion, although he wore a helmet.


He wasn’t on track for around two years, then returned in a new car, built himself and named Goliath 2.0 – the first was destroyed in the crash when the car flipped six times and hit the wall, being beyond repair. He has already tried out his new car and won several races, continuing his dominance. He is now in California where he shoots the 12th season of the reality series “Street Outlaws”.

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Daddy Dave Wife, Marriage, Children

What do you know about Dave’s personal life? Not much we presume, as this celebrity is more focused on sharing details from his career, rather than personal life. Interestingly, Dave got his nickname ‘Daddy’, apparently from having children with more than one woman, but there are no confirmatory details. Daddy Dave is a married man – his wife’s name is Cassie and the two have been married since March 2013, welcoming two daughters since their wedding ceremony.

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Daddy Dave internet Fame

Over the years, Dave has become quite popular on social media platforms, especially Facebook and Instagram, though he can also be found on Twitter. His official Facebook page has over 1.2 million fans, who are eager to find out where and when Dave will be racing next. He has also amassed a decent following on Instagram, with over 500,000 followers, with whom he has shared his recent endeavors, and has used his popularity to bring people closer to street racing. Dave is also active on Twitter, with around 50,000 followers on this social media network.

So, if you aren’t already a fan of this prominent street racer and television personality, then this is a perfect opportunity for you to become one, just skip over to his official pages, and see where Daddy Dave is racing next.

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