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Celebrities Who Smoke Cannabis: FromAndrew Garfield to Kirsten Dunst

The number of celebrities smoking weed is rising as more states legalize the herb’s recreational
use. Famous people now have the freedom to publicly admit to using marijuana without fear of

Besides smoking, some stars are venturing into the cannabis business. Some celebrities
cultivate popular strains like Zkittlez seeds and sell highly potent flowers through their weed
Are you eager to find out whether your favorite personality smokes pot? Stick around as we
reveal the celebrities who’ve admitted to being stoners.

Celebrities and Weed

In weed-legal regions like California, celebrities can purchase cannabis for personal use. Many
stars have embraced marijuana for both recreational and therapeutic reasons.
Famous people also openly advocate for cannabis legalization. Weed-smoking celebrities with
well-known marijuana brands include:
● Woody Harrelson: The Woods
● Seth Rogen: Houseplant
● Lil Wayne: GKUA Ultra Premium

Andrew Garfield

Actor Andrew Russell Garfield opened up about his marijuana encounters during an interview in
2017 with ES Magazine. “I can only really take substances if it’s a ritual; I mean, weed, I can
smoke because it’s just nice.”
The former Spider-Man star also admitted to consuming cannabis during an interview with W
Magazine. He explained that he visited Disneyland with his best friends to celebrate his 29th
“They came out to L.A to surprise me, we went to Disneyland, and we ate pot brownies.” He
continued to explain that it was a great feeling.

Wiz Khalifa

Cameron Jibril Thomas, aka Wiz Khalifa, is among the greatest rappers and songwriters. The
star isn’t afraid to publicly admit his love for the herb.
During an interview with MTV, he argued that the government should legalize it as it could make
the world a better place.

In an Esquire interview, he shared smoking tips and his years of experience trying different
smoking devices. He revealed that he learned how to roll joints with filters in Canada. The
rapper’s love for marijuana inspired him to create his weed strain, Khalifa Kush.
This star has released several hit stoner anthems like “Still Blazin,” “Weed Farm,” and “Smokin’
Section.” He also launched his cannabis brand, Khalifa Kush, which has been expanding

Willie Nelson

Country musician Willie Nelson tops the list of celebrities known for smoking weed. He’s
advocated for marijuana for decades.
Nelson had his first joint in 1954 and received the Clio Cannabis Lifetime Achievement Award in

The musician hit the headlines when he smoked weed on the White House’s rooftop with
former president Jimmy Carter’s son.
Nelson announced that he was quitting smoking weed due to breathing problems but would
continue consuming other marijuana forms.
The musician opened his cannabis brand, Willie’s Reserve, to celebrate his years of marijuana
usage and advocacy.

Bella Thorne

“I was smoking weed when it was taboo,” Bella Thorne remarked in an interview with Cannabis
Now magazine. The former Disney star started consuming weed at a tender age to help deal
with anxiety.
She tried using pharmaceuticals, which the doctors prescribed, but they didn’t have the desired
impact. The actress opted to use cannabis which reportedly improves her condition.
Though her mom was initially against the herb, she now accepts it. Thorne said, “She has really
seen how much weed helps my anxiety.”
The actress opened her cannabis brand, Forbidden Flowers, to continue her love for weed.

Snoop Dogg

Calvin Cordozar Broadus Jr., aka Snoop Dogg, is arguably the most famous stoner. The rapper
regularly smokes marijuana while performing hit songs such as “I Love Weed.”

During an episode of The Howard Stern Show, Snoop confessed that he loves smoking with
actor Seth Rogen. The rapper freestyled and hit a few puffs on a HuffPost Live interview in
The celebrity is a stout marijuana advocate and launched a weed strain, Snoop Dogg OG. He
also started a cannabis YouTube channel, Merry Jane. The platform features news, opinions,
and 420 culture.

Brad Pitt

Actor William Bradley Pitt is among the celebrities who quit smoking weed. He used to consume
a lot of marijuana in the late 90s.
Pitt revealed to The Hollywood Reporter how depression overtook him. “I was hiding out from
the celebrity thing; I was smoking way too much dope.” the actor recounts.
After touring Casablanca, Morocco, and experiencing extreme poverty, he decided to get off the
couch and quit smoking marijuana.

Kirsten Dunst

If you’re a Spider-Man fan, you probably know Kirsten Dunst. Her weed experience happened
while filming Woodstock, which has several stoner moments. The actress smoked what she
thought was “fake pot” on set and experienced the euphoric effects after going to rest.
She recounted the encounter in a Jimmy Kimmel Live interview. Dunst approached the director
and told him, “There’s something seriously up; I feel like I’m losing my mind!” He revealed that
she had smoked an entire blunt of the highly potent Humboldt weed.
Let the Celebs Inspire You
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